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Error Messages
The summary report contains all errors and warning messages displayed in the Diagnostics dialog box.
When Creo Simulate evaluates a measure at a singular location, it displays the name of that measure with an asterisk in the summary report. The singular location can be point loads, point constraints, or singular edges. Creo Simulate writes a message in the summary report and in the Simulation Diagnostics dialog box.
For some fatal errors, Creo Simulate directs you to use the Results command to see a diagnostic display of your model with entities associated with the error highlighted.
Following results for a run may be available, even if the run ended with an error:
For each p-loop pass in a static, prestress static, modal, prestress modal, buckling, or contact analysis, Creo Simulate calculates displacement and stress results.
For each p-loop pass in a steady-state thermal analysis, Creo Simulate calculates temperature and flux results.
For the quick check convergence method, Creo Simulate displays a warning after the convergence loop log, informing you that convergence has not been checked.
For the multi-pass adaptive convergence method, following the final p-loop pass, Creo Simulate writes a message stating that convergence to the specified percentage either was or was not attained.
If your run did not converge, you can review a convergence graph for most of the quantities that Creo Simulate uses for convergence.
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