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Design Study Files
Creo Simulate creates three different types of files when you run a design study:
Engine Input Files—When you start the run, Creo Simulate writes engine input files. These files include the following (study is the name of the design study you selected): study.mdb—a copy of the model file—and study.lok.
The study.lok file prevents you from defining result windows before sufficient data is available. Creo Simulate deletes the file when the run has progressed sufficiently to enable you to define result windows. For example, if a run terminates with an error, you may be able to access partial results if the study.lok file is gone.
Creo Simulate places these files in a subdirectory with the same name as the design study you are running. It places the subdirectory within the directory for output files that you specify in the Run Settings dialog box.
Temporary Working Files—The engine creates temporary working files while the run is in progress and deletes the files when the run is finished. Creo Simulate creates a temporary subdirectory for these files called study.tmp (study is the name of the design study you are running). This subdirectory is located in the directory for temporary files that you specify in the Run Settings dialog box.
Output Files—The engine also creates output files in which it places the results of the design study. These files contain the results of the previous run of the same design study, and may contain useful results even if the run did not complete successfully. The engine output files are placed in the same subdirectory as the engine input files for the design study.
For more information on these files, see Files Created by Creo Simulate.