Creo Simulate > Running Solvers > Native Mode Solvers > Start > Existing Design Study Files
Existing Design Study Files
After you select Start, Creo Simulate asks you one or both of the following questions:
Do you want to delete any output files that are already present for a previously run study? Before deleting these files, make sure that you do not need the data they contain. If in doubt, you can specify a different directory for output files for the current run or copy the design study to a new name. You can specify the directory for the output files using the Run > Settings menu option.
Do you want to delete any temporary files located in the study.tmp directory (study is the name of the design study you selected)?
Creo Simulate automatically deletes temporary files when a run completes normally. If temporary files are still present, it means that a previous run of the same design study ended in error, was stopped before it completed, or is currently running.
If the files are left over from a previous run, you can safely delete them. If the design study is currently running, you should wait until it is finished before starting a new run.
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