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Error Resolution
During error checks, Creo Simulate displays message boxes asking you whether or not you want to place the highlighted entities into groups. It does not consider boundary edges and faces to be errors and does not prevent the run from starting.
If your model contains errors, Creo Simulate returns you to the Analyses and Design Studies dialog box without executing the run. If your model contains no errors, Creo Simulate continues on to the next step.
If your model does not contain errors, or if you did not check for errors, Creo Simulate takes the following steps:
saves the model, prompting you to enter a model name if you have not previously saved it
writes the engine input files and starts the engine
The engine runs the design study in the background.
At any time during the run, you can:
Check the study's status by clicking Info > Status on the Analyses and Design Studies dialog box.
Stop the run by clicking the Stop button.
Return to Error Detection.