Creo Simulate > Running Solvers > Native Mode Solvers > Setting Up a Run > Setting Up a Run
Setting Up a Run
Click Run > Settings or on the Analyses and Design Studies dialog box to access the Run Settings dialog box.
Use this dialog box to specify the locations of the output and temporary files, any elements you want to use from an existing study, the output file format, and the solver settings. The Run Settings dialog box includes the following options:
Directory for output files—Select the directory for the output files generated by the run.
Directory for temporary files—Select the directory for the temporary files generated by the run.
Elements—Select the Override defaults check box to change the default source of elements. Select the source of the elements Creo Simulate uses during a run.
Output file format—Select a format for the output file.
Binary—Writes engine output files in binary format.
ASCII—Writes engine output files in ASCII format.
Export default result templates to Creo View—Click this check box to export files for default result templates of an analysis to Creo View. The OL files are created inside the study directory during the analysis. By default the check box is cleared.
Default template
Show results when analysis completes—Select this check box to display results on completion of an analysis. Results are displayed using the default result windows template for the selected analysis. After the analysis completes you are prompted to view the results if this check box is selected. By default the check box is cleared.
Solver settings—Use this area to specify settings for the solver:
Memory allocation (MB)—Select the check box and enter the appropriate number of megabytes to allocate for the memory.
Use iterative solver—Select the check box to use the iterative solver and enter the maximum number of iterations and at which P-loop pass the iterative solver should take over from the direct solver.
Reset to default—Select this button to return the settings on the dialog box to the default values.
* Preview of Creo View files is available for vaulted results directories in Windchill.