Creo Simulate > Running Solvers > Native Mode Solvers > Setting Up a Run > Elements
Select the Override defaults check box to change the default source of elements. Specify the elements that you want Creo Simulate to use when you run an analysis or design study. Select one of the following options on the Run Settings dialog box:
Use element from existing mesh file
Create elements during run
Use elements from an existing study
Click to open the Select Existing Study Directory dialog box that lists the studies in the current directory. When you return to the Run Settings dialog box, the directory path of the study you selected appears.
Use the existing elements from a existing mesh file to reduce the total time required to run an analysis or a design study.
If you change the model after generating the mesh file, then the AutoGEM cannot use all of the elements in the specified mesh file. AutoGEM uses as many elements as possible from the specified mesh file and regenerates new elements as necessary.
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