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Summary, Log, and Checkpoints
To view the Run Status dialog box, click Info > Status or on the Analyses and Design Studies dialog box.
You can use the summary report to:
check the status of a run
access information about a completed run
The summary report includes the following information for the entire analysis or design study:
a model summary at the beginning, listing the model type and the number of elements, points, edges, and faces in the model
a running status of convergence information that shows how far the analysis has gone, plus the quality of the convergence and the estimated error
a memory and disk usage summary at the end, including the total elapsed time, total CPU time, maximum memory usage, and the amount of disk space used by various files
When you select the Summary tab in the run status area of the Run Status dialog box, you access the summary file (.rpt) file. You can view the following information:
run settings
model summary
design study type (initial/standard/optimized)
convergence information
measure values
warning and error messages
memory and disk usage
run completion time
When you select the Log tab on the Run Status window during or after a run, you access the log file (.stt) for the run.
You can use the log files to:
check the status of an analysis or design study during a run. Creo Simulate adds new information to the log as the engine updates the log file
access information about a completed run
view the summary of the run
Log information includes the following:
the start and end time and date of the run
a summary of the AutoGEM settings you specified for your model
the settings on the Element Limits dialog box
a running status report from AutoGEM
a summary of the elements AutoGEM created
the time and date of several milestones reached during the run
Milestones can include:
the start and end times for calculating an analysis within the design study
the time for starting a p-loop pass in an analysis
other points at which the engine starts an action
For more information about the displayed log information, see Time and Disk Usage Information.
When you select the Checkpoints tab on the Run Status window, you can access the checkpoints (.pas) file for the run. You can use the checkpoints file to view the times at which the various stages of the run started and to see a recommended value for solram if you want to run the analyses or design study again.
You can access the same files through your operating system. The summary, log, and checkpoints files (study.rpt, study.stt , and study.pas) are, located in the directory for output files (where 'study' is the name of your analysis or design study).