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Restrictions When Specifying Multiple Working Directories
Be aware of the following restrictions and behaviors when specifying multiple working directories. Your job may halt prematurely if you do not observe the following:
The only directory that can be shared with the study directory (also known as the directory for output files) is dirn—the last directory you specify.
Creo Simulate fills dir1 to dirn completely with the .bas files if necessary, leaving no space for other types of files. In order to ensure that the study directory has adequate space, write it to a file system separate from any working directory.
Your engine job will stop if the study directory runs out of space.
The only directory that can be NFS-mounted is dirn. Directories dir1 to dirn–1 must be local file systems. The .bas files cannot split past the first NFS directory in the list because of NFS limitations.
Directories dir1 to dirn must have enough space available to run your job. There may be less available space than you expect. For example, if another job is using one of the directories in the list at the same time as your job is, it may decrease the available space.
You can increase the space available to your job by:
adding local directories to the directory list
freeing space in dir1 to dirn by moving or compressing files before starting your job
adding more local disks to your system
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