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Memory Allocation
Select Memory allocation (MB) to turn on RAM allocation. This setting is turned off by default. The value you enter sets the amount of RAM in megabytes reserved for solving equations and for storing element data created by the iterative solver. The engine dynamically allocates the rest of the memory it needs for the run.
Before you run design studies, you can set the amount of RAM the engine uses. Depending on the amount of RAM installed in your machine, you might be able to improve the engine solver performance by changing this setting.
When you select Memory allocation (MB), Creo Simulate displays the default value of 128 megabytes. You can change this default value by setting the value for sim_solver_memory_allocation configuration option to a different number. The value you enter must be greater than 0.1.
Some tips for setting this value include:
You can use the default allocation for any run.
If you have a lot of RAM on your machine, you may want to enter a higher RAM allocation number so that large models will run faster—you can slow the run substantially if you specify an allocation that is too large to fit in available RAM.
You can also slow the run if you do not specify sufficient memory, especially if you specify less than the default.
You can increase the speed of the iterative solver by increasing the amount of RAM you allocate with this option.
For specific information about specifying solver RAM, see Guidelines for Allocating RAM for Solver and Element Data.