Creo Simulate > Creating Analyses > Creating Analyses and Design Studies
Creating Analyses and Design Studies
Use the Analyses and Design Studies dialog box to create analyses and design studies.
The dialog box contains a list of existing analyses and design studies, if any. Creo Simulate adds to this list any new analyses or design studies that you create.
The Analyses and Design Studies dialog box includes the following options on the File menu for creating new analyses and design studies:
New Static—Create a new static analysis.
New Modal—Create a new modal analysis.
New Buckling—Create a new buckling analysis.
New Fatigue—Create a new fatigue analysis.
New Prestress—Create a new prestress static or prestress modal analysis.
New Dynamic—Create a new dynamic time, frequency, shock, or random analysis.
New Standard Design Study—Create a new standard design study to calculate results for one or more analyses. You can specify different variable settings for an analysis.
New Sensitivity Design Study—Create a new sensitivity design study to calculate the sensitivity of your model's measures to changes in design variables. You can create a Global Sensitivity or a Local Sensitivity design study from the Sensitivity Study Definition dialog box.
New Optimization Design Study—Create a new optimization design study to adjusts one or more design variables to achieve a specified goal or to test the feasibility of a design, while adhering to specified limits.