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Guidelines for Setting Solram
You set solver RAM allocation with a single parameter, called solram.
If the engine is the only memory-intensive application running on your computer, performance is usually best if you set solram equal to half of your machine RAM. For example, solram 8 GB is a good choice for a machine with 16 GB of RAM. Note that, for large models, Creo Simulate typically requires more RAM to handle your model's element data. Thus, you may need to set solram to less than 50% of your machine RAM to facilitate the run.
If you are running other memory-intensive applications on your computer, decrease the solram allocation accordingly. For example, set solram to 0.25 times machine RAM if you are running two large applications at once. However, you often can run two large jobs faster one after another than if you try to run both jobs at once.
The optimal values also depend on other factors, such as what other processes are running on your machine, and the total amount of swap space available on your machine. If increasing RAM allocation causes a decrease in performance or a shortage of swap space, some performance gains might still be possible by increasing RAM allocation to above the default values, but below the recommended maximums.