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To Display Run Errors
If a run ended in an error, and an error message in the summary file for the run directs you to use Results to review a diagnostic display of your model, follow this procedure.
1. Click Home > Results. The Results user interface opens.
2. Use the Results user interface to create a new result window containing the design study that ran unsuccessfully. For help with this step, see To Define a Result Window.
The way you define the result window does not affect the diagnostic display. If you are only interested in the diagnostic display, use the default selections on the Result Window Definition dialog box
Partial results may also be available that enable you to define and show other types of result windows.
3. Click the Display definition(s) from selection button on the toolbar.
Creo Simulate displays a message containing information about the error encountered during the run.
4. Click OK in the message box.
Creo Simulate shows a diagnostic display of the model on which it highlights entities associated with the error. If sufficient results are available, Creo Simulate also shows any other result windows you defined.