Creo Simulate > Creo Simulate Results Window > Results for Native Mode > Evaluating Results > Evaluating Fringe Contour and Vector Plots > Comparing Results > Tie Graph Windows
Tie Graph Windows
These three commands are not active for graphs you display through the Function Definition dialog box. They are active for result window graphs, but they do not invoke prompts or take actions when only one graph is on the screen.
Use these commands to more closely compare two different result window graphs:
Graph Quantity—Ties the quantity data on the Y axes of two graphs.
Graph Location—Ties the location data on the X axes of two graphs.
Graph Both—Ties the data on both axes of two graphs.
After you select one of the Tie commands, select another graph result window.
Creo Simulate sets up a new interval for the data on each axis that works for both result windows. This may involve changing one or both graphs. Creo Simulate redraws either graph for which the interval has changed.
For more information on these commands, see Guidelines for Tying Graphs.
For a description of how to tie a group of graph windows together so that they all share a common range, see Tie Multiple Graph Result Windows.