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General Guidelines for Tying Result Windows
Follow these guidelines when tying two result windows:
The result windows you plan to tie must be of the same type. You can tie the legends for fringe, vector, and contour plots together. You can also tie the scales of graph plots to each other. However, you cannot tie a graph to a fringe, contour, or vector plot.
You can only tie result windows that have the same units.
You cannot tie values for unfringed animations or model result windows because there are no values to tie.
If you are working with fringe, contour, and vector plots, the quantities must be in the same general category. For example, you can tie a von Mises stress fringe plot to a maximum principal stress fringe plot, but not to a displacement fringe plot.
If you are working with graphs, there are a number of special guidelines to bear in mind.
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