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Printing Result Windows
Use File > Print to print result windows from a part or assembly.
When you click File > Print, the Print dialog box opens. The Print dialog box contains the following items:
Output Format—Select the format you want to use to print.
Paper—Select the size, height, and width of your page.
Resolution—Select 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, or 600 dots per inch from the option menu.
Image Depth—Select 24 bit or 8 bit from the option menu.
Plot Format
Spin image—Select the orientation of the plot, landscape or portrait.
Zoom factor—Select a scaling factor for the print in HPGL2 or Postscript formats.
Offset—Type values to move the plot away from the x or y axes of the paper.
Copies—Select the number of copies from the option menu.
Output Options
To File—Select this check box to print to a file. Type the name of the destination file or use the Browse button to select the desired file.
To Printer—Select this check box to send the file to a printer. Enter the command that you want Creo Simulate to use to print directly to the specified printer.
Delete temporary plot files—Select Never, Immediately, or Dialog.