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Output Format
Use this option to specify the format that you want Creo Simulate to use when printing to a file.
You can use the following output formats:
Microsoft Print Manager—Prints a file to one of the available printers. This format generates raster plots. When this option is selected the remaining fields on the Print dialog box are unavailable. Select a printer from the Choose printer drop-down list. Click Properties to open the standard Microsoft Printer properties dialog box. Update the settings and click OK to return to the Creo SimulatePrint dialog box. The updated printer settings are displayed in the Print dialog box.
Microsoft Print Manager (Vector)—Prints a file to one of the available printers. The files generated for vector plots are usually smaller than those for raster plots. Use this print format, for example, for pen plotters that cannot use raster fonts. Vector printouts are best used for printing text or wireframe images. You cannot use a vector format for a shaded image.
PostScript (Vector)—Prints a PostScript file for any printer that supports the PostScript page description language.
HPGL2 (for exporting plots only)—Prints a file in the Hewlett-Packard Graphics Language. This format is used to print on a plotter or printer that supports HPGL2. Use it for graphs and contour plots. Some plotters might not fill solid areas such as shaded areas or fringe plots properly. When the plotter does fill solid areas, the fill might damage the paper or plotter pens.
Using HPGL2 format to produce a fringe plot produces an extremely large plot file. It is strongly recommended that you use a contour plot instead.
BMP (for exporting images only)—Prints a bit-mapped image.
Encapsulated PostScript—Prints a file that you can include within another PostScript file. You cannot print this type of file without printing a PostScript file.
If you do not have sufficient disk space when you output a file, such as a PostScript file, Creo Simulate may terminate.
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