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X Axis and Y Axis Tabs
Use the X Axis and the Y Axis tabs on the Graph Window Options dialog box to customize the appearance of the x and y axes, specify new axis labels, and adjust the scale for the graph. The tabs display the following fields:
Graph—This field appears on the Y Axis tab only and displays a list of subgraphs when they are available. Creo Simulate uses subgraphs to plot multiple sets of data that share a common x axis but have different y axes. From the list, select a subgraph for which you want to customize the y axis.
Axis Label—Use the input field to edit an axis label. The label is a textual line that appears next to each axis. You can change the style, color, and size of the label's font by clicking the Text Style button. Use the Display Axis Label check box to turn the axis label on or off.
Range—Change the range of the axis. You can use this area to reset minimum and maximum values so that the window displays a specified segment of the graph.
Tick Marks—Set the number of major and minor tick marks on the axis.
Tick Labels—Change the alignment of value labels for the major tick marks. If you want to change the style, color, and size of the font, click the Text Style button.
Grid Lines—Select the style for the grid lines. If you want to change their color, click the color selection button.
Axis—Modify the thickness of the axis. Click the color selection button if you want to change the axis color.
Scaling—Use this area to adjust the scale for your graph:
Log Scale—Change the values on the axis to a logarithmic scale. Using a logarithmic scale can provide you with additional information that you may not be able to see on a normal scale.
Scale—This field appears on the Y Axis tab only. You can use it to change the scale of the y axis.