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Segmenting a Graph
When your graph has too many points and looks crowded, you can segment it to display a specific section of interest. Segmenting a graph is especially useful for dynamic time, frequency, or random response analysis results, which may contain 100 or more points in Structure. You can use one of the following methods to segment your graph:
Zoom In—Click View > Zoom In to get a close-up view of a specific graph segment you select.
Change the Axis Range—Reset minimum and maximum values for the graph range to define a segment you want to display. The x minimum should display the x coordinate that is at the left edge of the graph segment, the x maximum at the right edge, the y maximum at the top edge, and the y minimum at the bottom edge. The graph is redrawn to show the specified segment.
After you finish studying a particular graph segment, use View > Refit to restore a graph to its original, unsegmented state. The complete graph is redrawn in the current window.