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Customizing Graph Display Settings
You can use the bmgr_pref_file configuration option to customize various settings for your graphs. The settings you can define in this file include the axis and graph line weights, label fonts, tick mark types, grid styles, and so forth.
With this option turned on, Creo Parametric uses settings stored in a user-created graph preferences text file to determine how to render your graphs. Customizing your graph in this way can help you ensure the exact graph display characteristics you want each time you view a graph. You can also save yourself the time of manually reformatting each graph through the Graph Window Options dialog box. If you want to change the appearance of your customized graph, you are still free to do so through the Format > Graph command.
You can create a graph preferences file manually or automatically:
Automatic method—Before clicking Home > Results, click File > Options to open the Creo Simulate Options dialog box and then click Configuration Editor to activate the bmgr_pref_file option, being sure to specify a file name for the graph preferences file. When you next format a graph result window, Creo Simulate adds a Set Default button to the Graph Window Options dialog box. Use the Graph Window Options dialog box to make all desired changes to your graph appearance and click the Set Default button to save these settings. Creo Simulate then creates a text file with the name you specified and stores the settings from the dialog. The next time you create a graph result window, Creo Simulate uses the text file to determine the appearance of the graph.
Manual method—Create a text file that contains the settings you want. Once you create the file, you add the bmgr_pref_file option to your configuration option file, making sure to set the option to the file name of your graph settings file.
To help you create a valid graph settings file, here is a sample file, showing the items you can set and what some of the possible values might be.
X_Axis_Color 5.019608e-01f,5.019608e-01f,1.000000e+00f
X_Axis_DisplayLabel 1
X_Axis_GridColor 5.019608e-01f,5.019608e-01f,0.000000e+00f
X_Axis_GridEnabled 1
X_Axis_GridStyle 2
X_Axis_LabelColor 1.000000e+00f,1.000000e+00f,1.000000e+00f
X_Axis_LabelEnabled 1
X_Axis_LabelFont graphtool_font
X_Axis_LabelFontHeight 1.500000e-01f
X_Axis_Thickness 4
X_Axis_TickColor 1.000000e+00f,1.000000e+00f,1.000000e+00f
X_Axis_TickFont graphtool_font
X_Axis_TickFontHeight 1.000000e-01f
X_Axis_TickHorizontal 1
Y_Axis_Color 1.000000e+00f,0.000000e+00f,0.000000e+00f
Y_Axis_DisplayLabel 1
Y_Axis_GridColor 5.019608e-01f,5.019608e-01f,0.000000e+00f
Y_Axis_GridEnabled 1
Y_Axis_GridStyle 2
Y_Axis_LabelColor 1.000000e+00f,1.000000e+00f,1.000000e+00f
Y_Axis_LabelEnabled 1
Y_Axis_LabelFont graphtool_font
Y_Axis_LabelFontHeight 1.500000e-01f
Y_Axis_Thickness 2
Y_Axis_TickColor 1.000000e+00f,1.000000e+00f,1.000000e+00f
Y_Axis_TickFont graphtool_font
Y_Axis_TickFontHeight 1.000000e-01f
Y_Axis_TickHorizontal 1
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