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Creo View
Select Creo View option from the Type list on the Save a Backup dialog box to save result window files in the .pvs format. You can also e-mail the pvs files of an analysis from the active window to the intended recipients. Creo View does not allow you to e-mail multiple reports of analyses.
PVS file export is not supported for graphs and you cannot export multiple result windows in pvs format. In Creo View, export of animation results is also not supported.
After you select this option, type a name in the File name box and click Save to export fringe or contour plots as .pvs format files.
For an exported result window pvs file, you can control the visibility of the following Result Window formatting options:
Overlay model
Coordinate System
Contour labels
* Csys Triad, Annotations and Query Tags are not exported to pvs file format.
* Creo View does not support multi-byte Asian languages. If a text is in any of these languages, this cannot be exported to Creo View.