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About HTML Report Preferences File
The HTML report preferences file is a text file. Use this file to specify the format of HTML report. You can also set the format of HTML Report using the Export HTML dialog box. You can specify all the options available on the Export HTML dialog box in the HTML report preferences file. You can specify them in the following order:
Include Title Block—Specify "yes" to include the title block in the HTML Report.
Include Table of Contents—Specify "yes" to include the table of contents in the HTML Report.
Content of the Title Block—Specify the contents of the title block.
Preferences—Control the options for the image and animation size in the HTML file.
When you specify these options on the Export HTML dialog box, Creo Simulate creates a HTML Report preferences file by default. The file is stored at the location <loadpoint>/<arch>/lib/htmlreport.lib.
For more information, see Sample HTML Report Preferences File.
When you create a HTML report preferences file, you must specify its name and location using the configuration option, sim_HTML_report_prefs_file.
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