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To Export a File in HTML
This procedure assumes you are in the File tab.
In performing the following procedure, be aware that certain steps—creating a browser heading, adding a title block and introduction, and creating a conclusion—are optional.
1. Select Web Page from the Type list on the Save As dialog box. Select a location to which you want to save the file, or use the default directory which is the working directory. When working online you can also select workspace as location to save the HTML report file with the file extension .mrp.
2. Type a name in the File name box and click Save. The HTML Report dialog box opens.
3. Type the path for the target HTML file by typing in the name. The software automatically adds an .htm extension to the path.
4. Type a browser title.
5. Type a title for your report.
6. Configure the Title Block.
7. Type text for the Introduction.
8. Configure the inclusion of modeling information and VRML for the results window(s).
9. Type a Conclusion for your web report.
10. Click Export. Creo Simulate saves the file with a .html extension.
* To export multiple files, hold down the SHIFT key and select the required results windows, and select Web Page.