Creo Simulate > Creo Simulate Results Window > Results for Native Mode > Evaluating Results > Evaluating Fringe Contour and Vector Plots > Adjusting the Legend > Saving Spectrum
Saving Spectrum
Use the File > Save Spectrum on the Edit Legend dialog box to save the changes in the color spectrum as a .rld file. By default, Creo Simulate stores the .rld file in the current working directory or in a directory specified by the sim_pp_template_dir configuration option. Note that the color spectrum that you save appears at the end of the Spectrum drop-down list.
If you save a spectrum with fewer levels, Creo Simulate saves the remaining levels in gray. If you try to display a saved spectrum of fewer levels with more levels using the Legend Levels box on the Display Options tab, the remaining levels are displayed in gray. For example, if you try to display a saved spectrum of 8 levels with the Legend Levels of 14, levels 9 through 14 are in gray.
The legend of a results window does not reset to the default values unless you change the value of a quantity in the Quantity tab or change the quantity itself. The legend also does not reset if you select a new study directory.
Creo Simulate saves the legend information in the .rwd and template files. Note that the legend levels in the spectrum .rld file take precedence over the .rwd file, if the legend levels in a .rwd file do not match with the legend levels in the spectrum .rld file. If you open a .rwd or template file associated with a user-defined spectrum, and if that spectrum .rld file is not available to Creo Simulate, the model is displayed with the default spectrum.