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Arranging Multiple Result Windows
You can use the View tab to swap and reorder the result windows, when you display multiple result windows. The View tab has the following items to rearrange multiple windows:
Swap—Swaps any two result windows. You must select the two windows that you want to swap.
Reorder—Arranges the result windows in a particular order. When you click Reorder, the Reorder Result Windows dialog box opens. The dialog box lists the names of all the result windows that are displayed. The windows in the list are arranged from top to bottom and from left to right in the user interface work area. You can select any result window from the list and move it up or down in the list.
Hide—Hides single or multiple result windows. This is helpful for generating reports.
Show—Opens the Displays result windows dialog box for selecting or deselecting various result windows.
Tile—Arranges the result windows such that they don't overlap.
Cascade—Displays the result windows one above another. Each subsequent result window is placed on top of the previous one, with an offset so that all the title bars remain same.
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