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Example: Comparing Mode Animations for the Same Model
To compare modes, define and display animation result windows for each mode you are interested in studying. Be sure to specify the same number of frames for each result definition. The closer you make the definitions, the better the correlation and synchronization between the animations.
For each animation result window, click Format > Edit and ensure that all the result windows have the same format and number of legends. Then, select all the animation result windows. To do so, use the SHIFT key and mouse to select the windows you want.
Use View > Step Forward and View > Step Back to move the animations through the frames. Compare the animations frame by frame to note the different patterns of stress induced by each mode.
Here is an example of a comparison between Mode 10 and Mode 6 for the same model, showing the different deformations of the two modes as well as the stress distribution for the two modes:
* Both windows use the same number of frames and show the same frame of the animation, forming the basis of comparison.
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