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Loading Result Windows
To preserve your work, you typically save a set of result windows to a named result window definition (.rwd) file so you can use the windows later.
In future sessions, you can load this file, review the result windows, modify the definitions, add new result windows to the file, or delete windows.
You can open saved results in the following ways:
From a Creo Parametric or a Creo Simulate session:
Click File > Open to open the File Open dialog box and select the Simulate result file types from the Type drop-down list. The types of result files you can select are as follows:
rwd—Opens a Simulate result window with the results of an analysis.
rwt—Provides the following workflow:
Simulate result window opens with the Design Study for Result Window “Window1” dialog box populated with the study directories and .mrs files simultaneously.
The Insert Result Windows from Template dialog box opens using the selected template file (.rwt) when you select a study.
You can define the contents of the result window using a template.
xdb and mrs files and study directories—Opens a Simulate result window and the results dialog box with the selected study directory name.
From within the Result window interface:
Click Home > Open to open a saved result window. When you select this command, the Open Result Windows dialog box opens. Select the result window file you want to load, or specify it without the .rwd extension.
* To view additional result windows along with the currently displayed result window, click Home > Open, Home > Open from Template, or Home > Open Default and select a set of results (.rwd file) to open. The result windows will open in the same window as the currently displayed results. In this way you can view and compare multiple sets of results in a single window.
In case of any changes to the result window in the current session, click Yes to save the changes and start a new result session.