Creo Simulate > Creo Simulate Results Window > Results for Native Mode > Evaluating Results > Evaluating Fringe Contour and Vector Plots > Adjusting the Legend > Adjusting Color Scale for Fringe, Contour, and Vector Legends
Adjusting Color Scale for Fringe, Contour, and Vector Legends
Use the color spectrum on the Edit Legend dialog box to determine the coloring of your model and how many levels the legend contains. You can adjust the following:
Levels—Use to select or enter the number of levels you want in the legend. This, along with Minimum and Maximum, determines the amount of detail in your plot. You can select any number between 2 and 15.
Spectrum—Use to select the color spectrum you want. You can select Structural, Thermal,Huescale, Grayscale, Colorset 1, Colorset 2, Rainbow, Red Yellow Green, Fatigue, or Creo Simulate Classic.
Invert Color Scale—Use to invert the color spectrum you have chosen. For example, an inverted Structural spectrum uses red as a minimum value and dark blue as a maximum—the opposite of the normal Structural spectrum.
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