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Copying, Deleting and Editing Result Windows
Once you create a result definition, you may want to copy it as a means of efficiently replicating result windows for a study. You may also find that you want to delete or alter a result window definition you defined. To perform these tasks, you use commands from the Home tab:
Home > Copy—Copies the definition of the currently selected result window. Creo Simulate assumes that the definition you are creating through the Copy command is for the same design study. It also assumes that the new definition references the same analysis, mode, and load combination as the original definition.
Thus, when you select this command, the Result Window Definition dialog box immediately opens. You can change any settings that you want. Once you enter a window name on the Create Result Window dialog box, you cannot cancel this operation, so if you decide you do not want the copy, display and select the copy and delete it.
One use of the Copy command is to create a result window that acts as a simple template for other result window definitions you want to create for the same design study. If you use Copy this way, Creo Simulate is able to skip some of the definition steps, making the general process of defining result windows quicker.
Home > Delete—Deletes the selected result window. If no result window is currently selected, the Selection dialog box opens and you can select one or more result windows from the list to delete. You also can delete a result window by clicking on the at the upper-right corner of the result window title bar.
Home > Edit—Review and change the result window definition through the Result Window Definition dialog box.