Creo Simulate > Creo Simulate Results Window > Results for Native Mode > Evaluating Results > Evaluating Fringe Contour and Vector Plots > Adjusting the Legend > Edit Legend Dialog Box
Edit Legend Dialog Box
Click Format > Edit to open the Edit Legend dialog box and adjust the appearance and range of values for a fringe, contour, and a vector plot. Use the controls in the dialog box to get a better idea of how a particular range of values is distributed over your model.
The Edit Legend dialog box includes the following controls.
Max—Use to set the maximum value for the legend.
Min—Use to set the minimum value for the legend. The Max and Min values determine how the shading will be graded for your model.
Value—Displays legend values. Based on your Max and Min values, Creo Simulate automatically calculates the intermediate legend values. If you clear the Scale Between Min/Max check box, you can edit the intermediate legend levels in the Value column.
* The intermediate legend level values must increase from Min to Max.
Color—Click the legend color in the table to select a new color using the Color Editor dialog box. You can save your changes in the color spectrum as a .rld file.
* The color spectrum that you save appears at the end of the Spectrum list.
Use the spectrum and levels controls to determine the color spectrum of your model and how many levels the legend contains.
Spectrum—Use to select the color spectrum you want. The default color spectrums that you can select are Structural, Thermal, Huescale, Grayscale, Colorset 1, Colorset 2, Rainbow, Red Yellow Green, Fatigue, or Creo Simulate Classic. You can also select any of the user-defined color spectrums that appear after Creo Simulate Classic. If you want Creo Simulate to select a spectrum by default, set the sim_pp_legend_spectrum configuration option to the name of the spectrum.
Levels—Use to select or enter the number of levels that you want in the legend. This, along with Min and Max, determines the amount of detail in your plot. You can change the default Levels value of 9 to a value from 1 through 16, by using the sim_pp_legend_levels configuration option. For Fringe and Vector plots, you can select any number from 2 through 15. For Contour plots, you can select any number from 1 through 16.
You can adjust the appearance and range of values for your model using the following controls.
Scale Between Min/Max—Use to switch between the automatically scaled and user-defined values. This check box is selected by default and Creo Simulate automatically scales the legend values based on your Min or Max values. If you clear this check box, you can edit the intermediate legend levels in the Value column.
* When you select this check box, Creo Simulate overwrites any edited intermediate Value with the automatically scaled value.
Invert Color Scale—Use to invert the color spectrum you have chosen. For example, an inverted Structural spectrum uses red as a minimum value and dark blue as a maximum—the opposite of the normal Structural spectrum.
You can control the visibility of the result window label and the legend of your model using these controls.
Show View Min/Max—Use to switch the display of minimum and maximum values that occur in the model in the result window label. The minimum and maximum values appear in gray on the legend. If you want to clear the model minimum and maximum values by default, set the sim_pp_legend_show_min_max configuration option to NO.
Show Legend—Use to switch the legend display on and off. If you want to clear the legend by default, set the sim_pp_legend_show configuration option to NO.
If you adjust the legend using any of the above methods except for the Invert Color Scale checkbox, you can return the legend to its original state using the Format > Reset.
Refer to the Photorealistic Rendering Help for more information on the color editor.