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Shell Resultant Results Quantity
Creo Simulate supports this quantity for 3D models that include shells. Creo Simulate obtains values for shell resultant forces and shell transverse shear forces by integrating stress components through the thickness of the shell. For information about shell properties and shell results, including how Creo Simulate represents the mechanical properties mathematically, see Shell Property Equations.
In FEM mode, Shell Resultant becomes available on the Quantity drop-down list when you load results from an MSC/NASTRAN file. The system only supports CQUAD4 and CTRIA3 shell elements. If your model contains CQUAD8 or CTRIA6 elements, the Quantity drop-down list does not display Shell Resultant. For information on MSC/NASTRAN output formats, see MSC/NASTRAN.
When you select Shell Resultant from the Quantity drop-down list, Creo Simulate may alter the selections on the Quantity tab. Some selections do not appear unless the item is part of the design study you choose. The possible selections include:
Secondary Quantity drop-down list—Select a secondary quantity option.
Component—Select a component. The directional components that appear on this drop-down list change if you change the coordinate system using the Relative To drop-down list.
Relative To—Display results relative to a directional component. This item is available only when you select X, Y or Z from the Component drop-down list.