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Reaction Results Quantity
Creo Simulate supports this quantity for all Structure models. You can display reaction results using the Graph display type only. The Reaction quantity represents reaction forces and moments at constrained curves, edges, or points, for all element types. These results are available for static and modal analyses if you selected Reactions as an analysis output. Creo Simulate reports reactions using specific criteria that you should be aware of as you evaluate your results.
For FEM mode, Creo Simulate reports reaction forces at constrained curves, edges, or points for all element types. FEM mode does not provide results on reaction moments.
When you select Reaction from the Quantity drop-down list, Creo Simulate may alter the selections on the Quantity tab. Some selections do not appear unless the item is part of the design study you choose. The possible selections include:
Secondary Quantity drop-down list—Select a secondary quantity option. For FEM mode, Force is the only secondary quantity and, therefore, the secondary quantity drop-down list displays this item only.
Component—Select a component. The directional components that appear on this drop-down list change if you change the coordinate system using the Relative To drop-down list.
Relative To—Display results relative to a directional component.
Graph Location—Select a location from the drop-down list to display in the result window. Use the selector arrow to display your model and pick the entity you want to use in your results display.
For more information about the Reaction quantity, see Reaction Results Reporting.