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Contact Slippage Indicator Results Quantity
Creo Simulate supports the Contact Slippage Indicator quantity if you model contains contact interfaces with infinite friction and you define contact analysis that include calculated stresses.
In the result window, Creo Simulate reports the value of slippage indicator measure for the contacting surfaces. The Contact Slippage Indicator quantity is not available in FEM mode.
If you select Contact Slippage Indicator from the Quantity drop-down list and Graph as your display type, Creo Simulate adds the Graph Location selection to the Quantity tab. Use the associated selector arrow to display your model and pick the entity you want to use in your results display.
When you select the Contact Slippage Indicator quantity and Fringe as the display type, Creo Simulate automatically selects Contact Surfaces as the display location. Creo Simulate displays a fringe plot of slippage indicator measure across contact surfaces in the model. By default, the fringe plot displays three legend levels in three default colors.
Default Color
Value of Slippage Indicator Measure (S)
S > 0
S < 0
S = 0
You cannot change the Legend Levels from the Display Options tab. You cannot change the legend color also.
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