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Acceleration Results Quantity
Creo Simulate supports this quantity for dynamic time and frequency analyses with full results. The Acceleration quantity is not available in FEM mode.
When you select Acceleration from the Quantity drop-down list, Creo Simulate may alter selections on the Quantity tab. Some selections do not appear unless the item is part of the design study you choose. The possible selections include:
Amplitude or Phase
—Display either the amplitude or the phase of the acceleration results. This option is available only if you select the display type as Fringe, Graph, or Model. Also the component of acceleration you select must be X, Y or Z.
* Phase and Amplitude are applicable only for dynamic frequency analysis.
Component—Select a component. The directional components that appear on this option change if you change the coordinate system using the Relative To drop-down list.
Relative To—Display results relative to a directional component.
Graph Location—Select a location from the drop-down list to display in the result window. Use the selector arrow to display your model and pick the entity you want to use in your results display. This area appears only if you select a display type of Graph.
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