Creo Simulate > Creo Simulate Results Window > Results for Native Mode > Defining Result Windows > Display Options Tab > Graph Display Type
Graph Display Type
Use the Graph display type to display graphs of your selected quantity. In FEM mode, you can create graphs for most quantities along one or more edges. For native mode, you can create graphs for:
Most quantities along one or more curves or beams
Predefined or user-defined measures. In this case, the graph shows the result quantity as a function of:
The p-loop pass iteration number in a multi-pass analysis
The optimization pass number in an optimization design study
The value of a design variable in a global or local design study. For additional information, see Local Sensitivity Graph Notes.
Time or frequency in a dynamic analysis
For all analyses and design studies for which you can create time steps, that is static nonlinear, time, and frequency analyses, p-pass, sensitivity and optimization pass design studies you can plot result graphs of one predefined or user defined measure against another.
Shear & moment on a curve or beam
A study that did not converge when you used the multi-pass adaptive convergence method. In this case, you can create a convergence graph to get more information on why the study did not converge.
When you select Graph from the Display Type drop-down list, the Display Options tab and the Display Location tab become unavailable.
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