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Contour Results Display
A contour plot is a type of fringe plot that shows you where the borders of the value ranges lie, as calculated by your analysis or as determined by how you set your legend values. For example, if you display a contour plot of von Mises stress, Creo Simulate shows a transparent view of your model with the borders of each stress range shown in a different color. To get a better idea of what a contour plot looks like, you can review an example.
When you select Fringe from the Display Type drop-down list, these items become available on the Display Options tab:
Contour—Display your results model with contour lines. Selecting this check box activates the IsoSurfaces and Label Contours check boxes.
Displaying your model using contour lines is ideal for shell or 2D models. For solids, you can get a more informative display of model behavior if you select the IsoSurfaces check box as well.
Label Contours—Select this item to display the value for each contour curve directly in the result window.
You probably need to label a contour plot only if you are printing black and white hard copy. The contour colors generally provide enough information when you look at a result window on the screen or on a color hard copy.
IsoSurfaces—Define a contour plot with isosurfaces instead of lines. With this option, you can enhance a contour plot by extending 2D isolines into 3D isosurfaces. Isosurfaces can help you map the interior behavior of your model because they let you see how a quantity varies within solid elements.
To change the density of the contour labels so there are more or less in a given area, select Format > Contour Label Density from the Results user interface menu bar.