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Component and Layer Visibility in Results
Use the Components/Layers option on the Display Location tab to show, hide, or isolate specific components or layers of a model in the result window. You can use the layers you created in Creo Parametric or Creo Simulate.
Only layers containing simulation beams or shells are available for display in results.
When you select the Components/Layers option, the Component and Layer Visibility dialog box appears. This dialog box contains the following:
Component and Layer Tree—Use to select the components or layers you want to display, hide, or isolate in the results window. If the model is an assembly, the Layer Tree displays the components of an assembly and any layers containing beam or shell definitions that exist in the model. If the model is a part, the Component and Layer Tree displays only layers that contain beam or shell definitions.
Buttons—Use to determine which components or layers are visible in the results window.
In general, it is better to use Isolate to visualize the parts and layers of interest in the result window display. Use Blank to exclude a few items from the result window display.
If you define assembly-level shell/beam definitions on part-level geometry, blanking the part also blanks the shell/beam definitions unless they are in an isolated layer.
For more detailed information on layers, search the Basic Creo Parametric functional area in the Creo Parametric Help Center.