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Components for Flux and Temp Gradient
When you select Flux or Temp Gradient from the Quantity drop-down list, the Component drop-down list displays the components specific to these quantities. Use this drop-down list to further refine your quantity definition. The choices available on this drop-down list depend on the design study, display type, and quantity combination you select.
These are the options that can appear on the Component drop-down list if you select Flux or Temp Gradient:
Magnitude—the magnitude of the quantity vector, which is equivalent to selecting all three components.
X—the quantity in the X direction or about the X axis.
Y—the quantity in the Y direction or about the Y axis.
Z—the quantity in the Z direction or about the Z axis. Z is not available for 2D models.
If you change the coordinate system type for your results display, the directional components in the Component drop-down list change to reflect the new coordinate system. For example, if you change from the Cartesian coordinate system to the Cylindrical coordinate system, the labels change from X, Y, and Z to R, T, and Z. For more information, see Results Relative to Coordinate Systems.