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Variation in Properties
During an analysis, if the value of a property, assigned to different entities in a model varies by a value greater than the factor defined by the sim_prop_range_factor configuration option, a warning appears in the diagnostics window. This helps to detect if you have selected the wrong units or specified incorrect input when defining various properties for simulation objects.
For example, if you have defined the separation test diameter as 1.2 mm in one fastener, and as 1.3 mile in another fastener in the same model, a warning appears.
Warnings are controlled by the sim_prop_range_factor configuration option for the following properties:
Material Properties
Young’s Modulus.
Coefficient of thermal expansion.
Specific heat capacity (thermal).
Thermal conductivity (thermal).
Beam section area.
Extensional stiffness for simple and advanced springs.
Torsional stiffness for simple and advanced springs.
Mass property for simple and advanced mass.
Moment of inertia for advanced mass property (maximum principal values).
Thickness for simple, advanced homogeneous, and advanced laminate layup shells.
Values of A-matrix for advanced shell property (laminate stiffness type). Maximum principal values or the shell thickness calculated from the A-matrix are used for comparisons.
Perimeter weld thickness.
Weld feature thickness.
Spot weld diameter.
Fastener diameter, fastener head and nut diameter.
Fastener separation test diameter.