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Symmetry Type
When you define shell properties for laminate layup-type shells, you can specify the layer repetition pattern. Use the drop-down list under Symmetry Type on the Shell Property Definition dialog box. You can select one of these options:
No Symmetry—The layers are not repeated.
Symmetrical—The layers are repeated in reverse order.
Antisymmetrical—The layers are repeated in reverse order, and the orientation is also changed.
For example, a three-layer laminate would change as follows:
No Symmetry
a b c
a b c c b a
a b c -c -b -a
The dialog boxes require that you complete a table that defines the layers in your laminate. Each line in the table represents either a ply or sub-laminate of the shell property being defined. Note that the row numbers decrease as you go down the list since plies are traditionally numbered from the bottom up.
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