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About the Material or Sub-laminate Menu
The Material or the Sub-laminate menu on the Shell Property Definition depends on the type of layer you select. Select a previously defined material for your shell definition. You can also use a previously defined laminate as one of the plies when you define a laminate layup-type shell.
To define a material or a sub-laminate shell property, when the selected property type is laminate layup, use the following methods on the Shell Property Definition dialog box:
For a single layer, select a previously defined material from the Material or Sub-laminate drop-down list. Alternatively, select More Material to open the Materials dialog box and assign a new material to your model entity.
For multiple layers, select a previously defined laminate. Alternatively, select More Sub-Laminates from the drop-down list to open the Shell Property Definition dialog box and define a new laminate.
Be careful while entering a name for a shell property or a material. If you have assigned the same name to a material and a shell property, Creo Simulate searches for saved materials and shell properties in the following order in trying to match the entered name:
materials in the model
materials in the material library
shell properties in the model
Keep the following points in mind when specifying sub-laminates:
Creo Simulate displays only those shell properties whose structural properties are those of a laminate layup.
The dialog box does not allow recursive definitions. A shell property cannot reference itself as a sub-laminate.
You cannot select shell properties defined for a 3D model if the active model is 2D.
If you select a previously defined laminate, you cannot edit the value in the Thickness field.
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