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Rotate About
This check box lets you specify additional rotations about one or more material directions, depending on the model type. These rotation angles enable you to modify the orientation of the material directions from those you specified higher on the dialog box.
When you select this check box, additional items appear on your dialog box, depending on the model type and the type of material orientation you have selected:
Surfaces, Shells, 2D Plates, and 2D Solids—Type an angle from –360º to +360º in the Material Direction field or the defined normal material direction.
Creo Simulate rotates the material orientation about the orientation normal to the surface or shell. For an example of this kind of rotation, see Example: Rotation for Shells and Surfaces.
Part,Volume,Solid—Type angles from –360º to +360º in the Material Direction fields for one or more of the material directions. Rotations are understood in order about the 1, 2, then 3 material directions.
FEM mode does not allow you to have additional rotations.
For information about how Creo Simulate rotates the material coordinate system, see Order of Rotation.