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Managing Library Files
Creo Simulate handles the libraries for beam sections differently from the libraries for shell and spring properties.
Beam sections—beam_sections directory
The beam_sections directory contains one file for every beam section definition in your library. The files have the same name as the beam section definition, with the extension .bsf. In addition, for sketched sections, Creo Simulate saves a .sec file with the sketch information. To delete a property definition from the beam section library, delete the appropriate .bsf file.
Note that if you have a beam section library file (mbmsct.lib) from an earlier release present in one of the directories where Creo Simulate searches for the libraries and you save a new beam section into that library, the software creates a beam_sections directory that includes a .bsf file for each of the previous beam section definitions. Creo Simulate retains the original beam section library file so you can archive it or use it with older Creo Simulate releases that support .lib files for beam sections.
Shell properties—mshlprp.lib.
Spring stiffness properties—mspstf.lib
The default location for all library files is your home directory, but you can move it to a different directory. You can use the environment variable $HOMEDRIVE to set your home directory on Windows platforms.
When you access the library, Creo Simulate looks for the library file in the following directories in this order:
1. the directory from which you started Creo Simulate
2. your home directory
3. the lib subdirectory of the Creo Simulate home directory
You can move or copy the library files into any of the above directories.
* For the beam section library, you can specify another location for the beam_sections directory with the sim_beamsec_path configuration option. You must use a full path for this option.
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