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Poisson's Ratio
Enter values for Poisson's Ratio, the ratio of lateral contraction to longitudinal extension for a bar in tension. You can define this property or you can assign a parameter to the property. Type a value or right-click the Poisson's Ratio text box to select an appropriate parameter on the Material Definition dialog box.
For orthotropic material properties, enter values for:
For transversely isotropic material properties, enter values for:
There are two widely used, but conflicting, definitions of Poisson's ratios for anisotropic materials. By default, Creo Simulate uses the definition described by Tsai in Composite Design. For more information, see Tsai Definition for Poisson's Ratios.
You can change the labels for Poisson's ratios on the orthotropic and transversely isotropic tabs of the Material Definition dialog box. In the configuration option file, if the default for the sim_mat_poissons_notation is set to the default value, TSAI, the labels are Nu21, Nu31, and Nu32. When it is set to JONES, the labels are Nu12, Nu13, and Nu23, respectively.
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