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About the Material Orientations Dialog Box
Use this dialog box to:
Create, duplicate, or edit material orientations for your model
Delete material orientations from your model
The Material Orientations dialog box lists all material orientations that you have defined. You can define as many material orientations as you want.
When you select one of the listed material orientations, the entities to which that orientation is assigned are highlighted and a material orientation icon appears for each of those entities. The icon has 3 axes and is labelled for the material directions 1, 2, and 3.
The types of entities to which you can assign a material orientation depend on:
The current model type
The type of material orientation that you selected
The following commands appear on the Material Orientations dialog box:
New—Opens the Material Orientation Definition dialog box to define a new material orientation.
Duplicate—Duplicates a material orientation selected from the Material Orientations list.
Edit—Edits a material orientation.
Delete—Deletes a material orientation.
If a description was typed for a selected material orientation, it appears below the list of material orientations.