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Material Library
The material library is a convenient way to use the same material in more than one model. When you install Creo Parametric, the material library consists of standard materials known as the default material library.
The Look In box in the Materials in Library area of the Material dialog box displays the Material Directory that contains the default material definitions. If you want Creo Parametric to select any other directory as the material directory by default, then set the pro_material_dir configuration option to the path of the required directory.
If you do not find the material that you want in the default material library, you can create your own material and add it to the library. When you save a material to the library, Creo Parametric creates a library file with a .mtl extension that you can save to any directory, including a Pro/INTRALINK or Windchill location. The Materials in Library list contains all the material library files in the selected directory. There is no limit to the number of materials that you can have in your material library. Creo Simulate follows certain guidelines while saving a hyperelastic material to the material library. For more information, see Hyperelastic Materials in Material Library.
You can edit any material in the library, regardless of whether the material is part of the Creo Parametric default material or you created the material yourself. However, you cannot delete materials from the material library even, if you have created a new material and saved it to the library.
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