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Example: Orienting the BSCS to the BACS
After you define the orientation of the BACS relative to the WCS, you can also change the orientation of the BSCS relative to the BACS by using the options on the Beam Orientation Definition dialog box. The figures show the effect of changing the orientation angle, DY and DZ offsets on the Y and Z axes of the BSCS for a square beam section. The X axis, which is along the beam length, extends out of the plane of the image towards the viewer.
You can choose to apply DY and DZ offsets while keeping the orientation angle at zero, as shown below. In this case the beam's X axis is shifted away from the X axis of the BACS.
You can choose to change only the orientation angle is changed, as shown below, causing the BSCS to rotate around the X axis.
Lastly, you can specify non-zero values for both the orientation angle and the DY, DZ offsets. The software performs the rotation first, then translates the BSCS along the rotated BSCS axes to satisfy the DY and DZ offset values, as shown below.
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