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Compressive Ultimate Stress
You can specify this Material Limits for Isotropic and Transversely Isotropic materials. The following guidelines can help you when you specify the value of the Compressive Ultimate Stress for any type of material:
For Isotropic Materials
For Transversely Isotropic Materials
The value must be negative.
This is a required Material Limits for Modified Mohr failure criterion.
This is a required Material Limits for Unified Material Law (UML).
Sc1 and Sc2 must be negative.
* Sc1 is the compressive failure stress in the material 1 direction, while Sc2 is ultimate compressive failure strength in the material 2 direction.
This is a required Material Limits for all the Failure Criteria.
Each field that has a dimension can have its own units, Creo Simulate scales the values you enter when the units change.