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The icon for a channel beam section type looks like this:
When you select Channel as the beam type on the Beam Section Definition dialog box, you must enter positive values for the following beam cross-section dimensions:
Select units for length or use the default principal units.
If you are interested in examining the exact effects of shear on a beam, enter values for Shear FY and Shear FZ. These factors represent the ratio of a beam's effective "shear area" to its true cross-sectional area for shear in the principal Y and Z directions.
You must enter a positive value for each of these properties. The default is 0.833333, which is accurate for rectangular cross sections.
When you click Accept, if your section type has fewer than two planes of symmetry, Creo Simulate informs you that the beams should be loaded or braced to prevent twist under shear loading.
Stress recovery points for channel beam section types are illustrated below. The figure on the left shows the points for native mode, and the figure on the right shows the points for FEM mode.
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