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Beam Stress Calculations
When you review results for beams, you can look at the maximum, minimum, or maximum absolute stress for each beam. You can also look at stress at any of the locations on each beam at which Creo Simulate reports bending stresses.
The standard beam section types have default locations for the points at which you can view stress. For the general section, you must enter coordinates in Y and Z for the stress recovery points in the Stress Grids area of the Beam Section Definition dialog box. For a sketched section, you must explicitly create datum points on the section sketch in the location where you want to view stress results. When you define your result window, the software displays a graphic with the available stress recovery point locations for standard and sketched sections. The graphic for general sections displays default locations that may not correspond to the location of the points you enter in the Stress Grids area of the Beam Section Definition dialog box.
Creo Simulate assumes that the shear center of the beam element lies on the neutral bending axis, which is true in general only for symmetric cross sections. If the beam cross section you are modeling is not symmetric about one or both principal bending axes, the displacement or stress results reported by Creo Simulate may not be correct.
There are a few differences in reviewing results for beam stress in FEM mode:
You can only view stress recovery points in FEM mode results if you run with the MSC/NASTRAN solver and view the .xdb results file.
There is a maximum of four beam stress recovery points. To compare the location of the allowed stress recovery points in native mode and FEM mode, see the help topic for each section type.
You can create beams in FEM mode that have different section types at the start and end. Creo Simulate interpolates the cross-sections internally. If you create a beam with different start and end section types, you cannot view results for the stress recovery points.