Creo Simulate > Modeling Structure and Thermal Problems > Properties > Beam Sections > Beam Section Definition Dialog Box
Beam Section Definition Dialog Box
When you click New on the Beam Sections dialog box, this dialog box appears with the following items. Use the Beam Section Definition dialog box to choose a cross-section type and specify the properties for your beam sections.
Name—Type a descriptive name or accept the default name.
Description—Type an optional description for your beam section. The description appears on the Beam Sections dialog box when you highlight a beam section in one of the lists.
Section tab—Select one of these sections from the Type drop-down list. The dialog box changes depending upon the type of section you choose. You can create the following beam section types:
Hollow Rect
Solid Circle
Hollow Circle
Solid Ellipse
Hollow Ellipse
Sketched Solid
Sketched Thin
Review—Click this button to open a browser window with a summary of the parameters that Creo Simulate calculates for your section.
Warp & Mass tab—In FEM mode only, use this tab to define additional beam values when you use the MSC/NASTRAN solver.